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Our Philosophy

Our leadership is diverse in pavement technology and asphalt chemistry affording us the abilities to produce sustainable paving products and construction practices. Our history has proven we are out of the box thinkers and continue to make industry advancements.


Our Reputation Is At Stake... And We Know It


Asphalt Manufacturing:

As history has been written, Trinidad identified early on what it took to make the best asphalt to be paved on public highways but back then the quality of base asphalts were superior to what is commercially available today. In todays refining the "Good Asphalts" are reduced to make fuels and solvents thus leaving a harder less flexible bituminous binder. With minimal options at hand we have advanced in multiple areas to overcome the deficiencies to produce a highly flexible pavement and extended life asphalt.


Paving Practices:

Asphalt Paving is a semi complex practice that can affect the quality of any job. At NES we pay very close attention to details on every project, paving is typically the last item performed to complete a job and all eyes are focused on the outcome of the surface. We utilize additional workers to ensure all castings, catch basins and joints have been properly raked and compacted. The appearance of our jobs is truly our signature of perfection.


Cost Savings:

It is no secret that budgets are continuing to tighten forcing municipalities to reduce the amount of work they can send out for bid annually. They are faced with streets deteriorating faster than they can re surface them, residents and motorists frustrated with no equitable remedy in sight. But NES has adopted the challenge to develop new asphalt products that will offer some relief to the municipalities. MegaFlex addresses those issues and provides an "Extended Life Pavable Asphalt" that will perform beyond expectations. 



Making Good Roads Better.


Our reputation is all we got and we're only good as our last job!

It is our policy to ensure every customer and agency is completely satisfied beyond expectation.


Who We Are

N.E.S Corp is a provider of road construction, paving services and asphalt manufacturing in Northeast Ohio. Focused on delivering high quality installations, reconstruction and resurfacing of asphalt and concrete surfaces for private and public roads to the production of high quality bituminous asphalt products. Delivering reliable service and unbeatable quality since 1965.

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