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Experience The Future Of Paving!
Experience The Future Of Paving!

NES Corp is proud to introduce their own uniquely formulated and rigidly tested Megaflex Asphalt & Paving Products. We guarantee our superior range of asphalt and paving products will out perform any conventional hot mix asphalts on the market today. Not only will it out perform and extend the life of your paving work, it will reduce your project costs substantially. Our MegaFlex Extended Life Ashpahlt & Paving Products are derived from technology that allows for a lower cross sectional thickness resulting in less tons required and a reduction in overall job cost. Megaflex asphalt contains more percentages of liquid asphalt binders in conjunction with proprietary chemical enhancements to equal a more robust asphalt.


Try MegaFlex TODAY! You'll be amazed by the difference.



Pre Coated Aggregates

Municipal Engineers are once again focusing on the benefits of Chip Sealing and Pre Sealing Paving Projects for State and Local Highways. Pre Coated #8 and #9 sized aggregates are leading the specifications roster as the most desired by engineers. NES has answered the call to produce Pre Coated aggregates to supply the industrty's needs. Our process provides a uniformly coated sized aggregate with the correct amount of film thickness and absorption to stand the most rigorous amount of traffic.

Available Sizes :






Black Sand







Economy Pave

Megaflex Economy Pave is a step up from Dry Pave. This product utilizes the same Bitumen enriched aggregates but is mixed with virgin liquid asphalt along with proprietary chemical technology to enhance binding, mixing and compaction. This product has all the components of Hot Mix Asphalt but is mixed at ambient temperature.

Economy Pave is quickly becoming the asphalt of the future and will soon be the product of choice for limited budgets




Premium Pave 412

Megaflex Premium Pave 412 is our premier product, it is designed to outperform any conventional hot mix asphalts commercially available. This product is made with all virgin aggregates and liquid binders (no recycled added). Premium Pave 412 is a fine graded material with a heavy liquid content plus our proprietary Megaflex additives. This product not only looks good and tight but will provide a highly flexible surface that will provide many years of service even after the harsh winters of Northeast Ohio.





Premium Pave Plus+

Megafle Premium Pave Plus+ is undoubtedly the most robust in our line up of asphalt products. Premium Pave Plus+ is designed as a paved in place system that will extend the life cycle of any existing asphalt or concrete roadways, parking lots and major highways. Premium Pave Plus+ is a two part paving process, we first apply a very flexible bonding coarse at 3/4". This material is designed from all virgin aggregates and liquid binders in a coarse graded configuration. We then pave the Premium Pave 412 at 3/4" for a combined cross section of 1.5".

The Premium Pave Plus+ system will out live and extend the pavement life cycle beyond any asphalts available today. This pavement will stay blacker longer, will stay more flexible and will have less reflective cracking compared to typical hot mix asphalt.







Chip Seal Plus+

Megaflex Chip Seal Plus is exactly what the name says other than we have taken it a few steps further than the typical ODOT chip seal spec. Chip Seal Plus is a #9 aggregate coated with proprietary liquid asphalt binders and installed with a paver. Like the entire Megaflex line we also introduce our proprietary chemical technology to enhance flexibility, adhesion and extended life cycles. This product  will provide the sealing, bonding and adhesion to compliment any surface installed.

Alternative to conventional chip sealing with a fog seal.

Improves driveability due to installation by a motorized paver. 

Chip Seal Plus can be overlaid with a Hot Mix Surface. 





Conventional Hot Mix

Conventional Hot Mix Asphalts designed by ODOT specifications are industry standards and provide moderate service.


Mix designs:

448 type 1 (surface)

448 type 2 (intermediate)

301 (base).

Who We Are

N.E.S Corp is a provider of road construction, paving services and asphalt manufacturing in Northeast Ohio. Focused on delivering high quality installations, reconstruction and resurfacing of asphalt and concrete surfaces for private and public roads to the production of high quality bituminous asphalt products. Delivering reliable service and unbeatable quality since 1965.

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